Iran’s Minister of Communications and Information Technology has announced an Iranian-Russian partnership to “reduce the monopoly on internet management in the world”.

Nikolai Nikiforov and Mahmoud Vaezi

Nikolai Nikiforov and Mahmoud Vaezi

According to Seda va Sima, Mahmoud Vaezi held a joint news conference with his Russian counterpart on Sunday October 25 in Tehran, saying many countries believe that management of internet should not be monopolized.

Nikolai Nikiforov said monopolization of the internet and information technology has become a “crisis” and Russia supports any move to establish viable competition in information technology and communications.

The administration of the internet has been one of the hot topics at the World Summit on the Information Society, and many countries have called for group participation in internet governance. The U.S. has announced, however, that it will not allow the United Nations to make any changes to the administration model of the internet.

Mahmoud Vaezi said today that the Russian search engine Yandex will open an office in Tehran, adding that Iran is also prepared to collaborate with Russia through Persian search engines.