Two Iranian-Canadians won seats in Canada’s federal Parliament in an election that swept Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party to power with a majority government.

Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau

Ali Ehasasi won in the Willowdale riding and Majid Johari in Richmond Hill, both replacing Conservative incumbents.

The Liberal victory also marked the end of nine years of governance under Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper, who announced that he will step down as party leader.

The 43-year-old Trudeau ran a campaign under the platform of “real change”, and the election brought the Liberals to a stunning majority win, rising from 34 seats to a remarkable 184 seats.

The Conservatives fell from 166 to 99 seats making them the Official Opposition.

The left-wing New Democratic Party, the second party in the federal Parliament before going into the election, collapsed from 103 seats to just 44.

Among Trudeau’s promises were tax changes, with a tax increase for higher earners and cuts for middle-income Canadians, reforming immigration policies, legalization and government regulation of marijuana, election reform, policies addressing environmental concerns and ending Canada’s combat mission against ISIS.