Iran’s Guardian Council has approved the draft of the nuclear agreement between Iran and the 5+1, which the Iranian Parliament recently had also approved in a tumultuous session that saw opponents of the deal utter death threats to the foreign minister and the head of the country’s atomic agency.

Guardian Council

The council reviewed the draft on Wednesday October 14, ruling in a majority decision that it is in no way “contrary to Sharia or the constitution”.

The council spokesman stated: “A number of members offered a number of criticisms, which were not convincing to the majority of the members.”

A special session was convened to review the deal.

The opponents of the draft had prepared 172 proposals for changes or deletions, but the speaker of Parliament, Ali Larijani, only allowed discussion on two matters. The supporters of the draft say the opponents were attempting a filibuster by inundating the sessions with proposals.

The parliamentary bill has approved the government’s voluntary compliance with the terms of the deal unless the other parties to the agreement respond with pressure and threats or refuse to stand by their commitment to eliminate sanctions. The bill also makes compliance with the deal conditional on the complete protection of military and security intelligence, no access to military facilities for the IAEA and the prevention of all possible “political, economic, cultural and security infiltration by the United States and foreign countries”.