The head of Golestan Province’s Department of the Environment reports that the recent fires that have already destroyed 50 hectares of the Golestan National Park resulted from a premeditated act of arson.

Golestan National Park

Golestan National Park

ILNA reports that on Saturday October 3, poachers started a fire in Golestan National Park that has so far destroyed over 50 hectares of forest and grassland.

In addition to oak, juniper and plum trees, barberry, wild pear and other old trees were destroyed in the fire, and large areas of grassland have also been completely burned. The fires are still out of control, although in some areas they have stopped spreading due to the assistance of local residents.

The report adds that the perpetrators have already been identified and the judiciary is being asked to issue the maximum sentence for their offences.

One thousand hectares of the Golestan National Forest has been destroyed in forest fires in the past year.