Animal plague continues to claim more wild goat and small ruminants in Zanjan with 88 animals now dead.

Wild Goat

The head of the Zanjan environment department told IRNA on Wednesday September 16: “The rising number of deaths has sounded the alarm for the authorities to take more decisive action.”
The region affected by the disease has an approximate population of 200 wild goats and rams.
The first deaths were noticed in the region on August 31, and since then more and more carcasses have been retrieved showing the same disease.

In June, a similar disease took the lives of 400 ruminants in Arak.

The Kharmanehsar region in Zanjan is a protected area of 78,000 hectares. The region is home to diverse wildlife including goats, brown bears, leopards, lynx, wolves, hyena, wild boar and many birds such as the kestrel, royal owl and golden eagle.

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