Jailed blogger Mohammadreza Pourshajari reports in a letter that his exile to Tabas is imminent despite his health problems.

Mohammadreza Pourshajari

Mohammadreza Pourshajari

Pourshajari, who ran a blog under the name of Siamak Mehr, said his jail sentence for propaganda activities against the regime will end as autumn begins, and he will be immediately transferred to Tabas to serve a two-year exile sentence.

He also reports that he is now suffering from several health complications, including heart disease, diabetes, kidney stones and an inflamed prostate, and he has urged the authorities to consider the impact of these ailments on carrying out the exile sentence.

He also calls on human rights and civil activists to fight for his rights and not allow “the authorities of the Islamic regime to arbitrarily neglect the rights of its critics and eliminate one of the critics of the catastrophic conditions of Iranian society in complete silence.”

Pourshajari was arrested once in September of 2010 and sentenced to three years in jail for “acting against national security” and “insulting the leader of the Islamic Revolution”. He served his sentence in Rejaiashahr and Qezel Hessar Prisons. He later received another year for “insulting sanctities”.

He was released last year in Urmia by the intelligence ministry and then his file was opened once more. He reports that he was orally informed that he had to serve a five-year sentence.