Migrants held behind barriers at the Macedonian border managed to jostle their way through on Saturday night and break the police barrier.

Macedonian special policemen guard the border as more than a thousand immigrants wait at the border line of Macedonia and Greece to enter Macedonia near the Gevgelija railway station August 21, 2015. Macedonian police drove back crowds of migrants and refugees trying to enter from Greece on Friday after a night spent stranded in no-man's land by an emergency decree effectively sealing the Macedonian frontier. REUTERS/Ognen Teofilovski - RTX1P1K7

The Associated Press reports that when the police were trying to let a handful of the asylum seekers through, thousands of migrants rushed toward the barrier to enter Macedonian territory.

The Macedonian police reportedly responded with stun grenades, which injured scores of people including women and children.

Twenty-five of the wounded were taken to a train station by the other asylum seekers, and many children have reportedly been separated from their families and lost.

The report adds that the migrants are trying to reach Hungary, which is an EU member state.

Macedonia has been overwhelmed by the wave of migrants and closed its border on Thursday.

The migrants are mostly Syrian asylum seekers who are in limbo in Turkey and are trying to reach EU countries.