The US president says the nuclear deal with Iran could also lead to a “constructive relationship” with that country in the future.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

In an interview with CNN on Sunday August 9, Barack Obama said a byproduct of the nuclear deal reached last month between Iran and the 5+1 could eventually be the establishment of a constructive relationship with Iran.

He stressed that the nuclear deal is the best option, adding that in addition to limiting Iran’s nuclear activities, the deal could open the door to talks on Middle East regional issues.

“Is there the possibility that having begun conversations around this narrow issue that you start getting some broader discussions about Syria, for example, and the ability of all the parties involved to try to arrive at a political transition that keeps the country intact and does not further fuel the growth of ISIL and other terrorist organizations. I think that’s possible,” Obama said, “But I don’t think it happens immediately.”

The statement by Obama comes at a time when Chuck Schumer, the Senate’s leading Jewish Democrat, has announced that he opposes the deal.

The US Congress will vote on the deal in September and the US president has said he will veto a negative vote by Congress.