Iran’s ministry of culture and guidance has reportedly filed a complaint against the Vatan Emrooz daily; for “publishing confidential government documents”.

Vatan Emrooz daily

Vatan Emrooz daily; “The Nuclear Holocaust is Over”

The Nateghan website reports that the complaint was filed on August 3 in the Tehran General and Revolutionary Court in response to the publication of a classified letter from the ministry of culture telling media managers how to reflect the news of the nuclear talks.

Vatan Emrooz is a media outlet that reflects the views of the Iranian factions opposed to the nuclear agreement with the 5+1.

Earlier, a number of media outlets published a “top secret” letter from the ministry of culture dated July 22, which instructed the media to refrain from publishing material that challenges “the achievements of the nuclear negotiations” or “reflects conflict among the views of senior officials of the regime”.

The Press Supervisory Board shut down the 9 Dey magazine for publishing material critical of the nuclear agreement. Warnings have also been issued to the Keyhan daily and the Rejanews website.