The Aviation Organization of Iran says it plans to buy 80 to 90 new Boeing or Airbus planes annually in an attempt to modernize its aging fleet.


The head of the organization told IRNA that in the first phase, Iran will be buying 80 to 90 planes from the two big plane companies each year.

The average age of Iran’s fleet is 23 years, which is twice the international norm. The recent nuclear agreement between Iran and the 5+1 will lift sanctions on Iran’s ability to purchase airplanes.

Mohammad Khodakarami said some of the new planes will replace the aging planes while others will meet the new demands of the transportation industry. With 80 to 90 new planes each year, the aviation organization head says that within five year, there will be 300 active planes.
He said the purchases will be made through government assistance, resources from the National Development Fund and foreign loans.

Earlier reports by western aviation industry experts had predicted that Iran, with a population reaching 80 million, will need about 400 new airplanes.