One hundred and twenty workers from the Bam Citadel gathered in front of the Bam Citadel Cultural Heritage Centre to protest four months of unpaid wages.

Bam Citadel Workers' protest

Bam Citadel Workers’ protest

ILNA reports that contract workers on the citadel restoration project have also staged protests in recent days.

The Bam Cultural Heritage Centre has responded by telling workers that in addition to wage delays, a number of workers may also face layoffs.

The report indicates that some of the workers have more than 20 years seniority and have been involved in maintaining the Bam Citadel since before the devastating earthquake 12 years ago that seriously damaged the historical site.

After the earthquake in 2003, the project began to restore the old city using contract workers.
Workers say the restoration of the historical citadel is behind schedule due to repeated delays in the proper payment of workers’ wages.