In an exclusive Op-Ed statement published on Tuesday July 28 in the Iran daily, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius strikes a positive note regarding relations with Iran in advance of his visit to Tehran on Wednesday July 28.

Laurent Fabius

Laurent Fabius

Fabius writes: “The French have always been enchanted by Iran and, particularly, the heritage of this ancient culture and the country’s share in the history of science and thought”. He goes on to add: “Iranian (university) students are also wondrous to us; they are the face of Iran in French universities and shine brilliantly.”

In the article titled “Joint Action for a More Secure World,” Fabius refers to the agreement reached in Vienna between Iran and the 5+1 as a diplomatic breakthrough that marks a complete shift in relations with Iran.

He cites economic relations with Iran in the past and observes: “From now on, new prospects will be opened for the two countries and we can proceed even further in economic cooperation.”

Fabius adds that discussing issues of peace and security in the Middle East will also be on the agenda during his visit to Iran, stressing that: “As an influential country, Iran can have a positive role in dealing with these crises and disasters.”

A similar message was given by French President Francois Hollande, who said on Monday that Iran should be a more active player in promoting peace and stability in the Middle East.

Sigmar Gabriel, the German Economy Minister and Deputy Chancellor to Angela Merkel, was the first European official to travel to Iran after the nuclear agreement was announced in Vienna this month, lifting international restrictions on trade with Iran.