Iran’s health minister has condemned the arrest and handcuffing of a surgeon in Mamasani. While some the surgeon’s colleagues and co-workers staged demonstrations in her support, the Governor of Mamasani says the whole affair was caused by a misunderstanding.

Physician protests in Shiraz

Physician protests in Shiraz

The Minister of Health has described the arrest of Dr. Forough Razmjoyi as “illegal” and called for action against the offending officer. The minister has also posted a message of support for the surgeon in an Instagram message.

On Sunday July 26 at a hospital in Mamasani, a female victim of domestic violence with a knife wound to her chest was attended by Dr. Razmjoyi. After providing the victim with the necessary medical treatment, she was processing the victim’s file when the investigating officer called her to the victim’s bedside. Dr. Razmjoyi reportedly told the officer that all medical aid had been given and there was no need for any further medical attention at that time.

Khabaronline reports that the surgeon’s refusal to comply with the investigator’s demand led to the “arrest and cuffing of the only surgeon in town in front of other patients and hospital personnel”. She was arrested even though a number of patients in critical condition needed to be seen by her.

A local paper published an interview with the surgeon, who explained that at the police station, her mother had brought her child for a visit, and the child refused to be separated from the mother, causing an altercation with the prison guards who ended up slapping the detainee.