Iranian journalist Ahmad Zeidabadi, who was exiled to Gonabad after serving a jail sentence, has now been allowed to return home.

Ahmad Zeidabadi (left)

Ahmad Zeidabadi (left)

Mehdieh Mohammad Gorgani, Zeidabadi’s spouse, reported on her Facebook page on July 23 that the prosecutor has informed them that her husband’s exile is now over. She adds that the news came while Ahmad Zeidabadi was at home on a five-day furlough.

Meanwhile, another 11 political prisoners were released on July 23 for “Fetre Eid pardons”.
Ahmad Zeidabadi, a journalist and political activist, was released last June and was immediately transferred to Gonabad to serve a sentence in exile. In Gonabad, he was required to report to city police twice a day, in the morning and evening.

More than 100 journalists issued a joint statement challenging Zeidabadi’s exile.

Zeidabadi was arrested in the wave of journalist arrests that followed the controversial presidential election of 2009 and was sentenced to six years in jail, five years in exile in Gonabad and a lifetime ban from political activity.