The UN Security Council passed a resolution on Monday July 20 to lift all sanctions against Iran. The session was convened with the five permanent Security Council members and 10 non-permanent ones, who unanimously voted for the resolution.


It cancels all former resolutions against Iran and recognizes the agreement reached between Iran and the 5+1 in Vienna.

The new resolution provides that so long as Iran upholds its commitments, the former UN resolutions remain rescinded. However, if even one of the parties reports any form of violation that is subsequently confirmed by a committee, the resumption of the former resolutions will be put to a vote.

Earlier, the nuclear agreement was also approved by EU foreign ministers.

The UN resolution commits all UN members to the implementation of its provisions.

The agreement reached in Vienna allows for a 90-day period before its execution, which will allow the U.S. Congress to review the draft.

Meanwhile, 14 Iranian MPs have written to President Hassan Rohani and Parliamentary Speaker Ali Larijani to emphasize that the agreement needs to be approved by legal entities in Iran before it is binding.

The head of the Revolutionary Guards has also severely criticized a provision of the agreement regarding the eight years of restrictions on Iran’s missile activities.