Iran’s deputy foreign minister told reporters on Tuesday July 7 that both sides in the nuclear negotiations remain flexible regarding the deadline for reaching an agreement, adding that both sides have reached consensus regarding financial and economic sanctions but are still debating the sanctions on armaments.

Abbas Araghchi

Abbas Araghchi

Sanctions on Iran’s missile industry reportedly remain a contentious issue in the nuclear negotiations. Araghchi said: “If the 5+1 wants an agreement, they need to change their approach and perspective toward sanctions and put their attachments to sanctions behind them.”

He added that the negotiating teams are not bound by any deadline and they are prepared to stay in Vienna as long as necessary to finish the job. “If there are others who are facing a deadline, that is not our concern,” Araghchi said.

Araghchi’s statements appear to refer to the deadline set by the U.S. Congress to examine the final agreement. The Obama administration was looking at providing Congress with a draft of the agreement by July 9 in order to have it reviewed within the next 30 days.

Araghchi had said earlier that a summary of the negotiations would be announced on July 7, and when a final deal is reached, it will take anywhere between a month or more to sign the agreement.