Deputy foreign minister Abbas Araghchi says there will be a period of time between the nuclear agreement and its execution, adding that regulatory measures and the Additional Protocol will take effect the day the sanctions are lifted.

Abbas Araghchi

Abbas Araghchi

On Saturday July 4, Araghchi said in a television interview that when the draft of the agreement is finalized on July 7, the text will be publicized but it will not take effect on that date.

He said technical problems have arisen from efforts to synchronize the execution of the parties’ commitments following the agreement: “What we need to do takes some months, what they need to do also takes some time. Synchronizing the two has presented some problems.”

Araghchi said that in Lausanne no specific deal was reached other than “a series of general solutions to reach a comprehensive deal”. He said some of the contentious issues still remain under discussion, and negotiations over details are ongoing: “Sometimes to write one sentence of the final draft takes hours of talks. We are after a good agreement that encompasses all our red lines.”

He said neither party wants to extend the talks but they would rather return empty handed to Iran rather than accept a bad deal. He also indicated that Zarif will not go back to Iran this time and will remain in Vienna until July 7.