A number of Iranian MPs say they are planning a visit to Evin Prison to see jailed Iranian tycoon Babak Zanjani.

Babak Zanjani

Babak Zanjani

The Iran daily reports that Hossein Dehdashti, a member of the committee investigating the Zanjani matter, said the MPs want to ascertain that Zanjani is indeed in prison.

In June, a group of MPs wrote a letter to the judiciary demanding a visit with Zanjani in Evin Prison.

Zanjani is in prison for his failure to pay 8 trillion toumans in debt to the oil ministry. He was arrested two year ago, but some rumours have suggested he is not in Evin Prison.

Dehdashti said reliable sources have given assurances that Zanjani is in prison, but the MPs now want to confirm this in person.

He expressed concern that Parliament is not being appropriately informed about the progress of the proceedings against Zanjani.

Zanjani reportedly traded Iranian oil through unofficial channels under the Mahmoud Ahmadinejad administration.

The current minister of oil has said that Zanjani owes the oil ministry two billion dollars for imported crude.

The Iranian government is trying to identify Zanjani’s property in order to clear his debt. Dehdashti said, however, that Zanjani’s property outside Iran has not yet been identified.

Last week, the Auditor General announced that all of Babak Zanjani’s identified property and assets have been handed over to the oil ministry.