Iran’s Supreme Leader signed the sixth plan of development based on “economy of resistance”, “leadership in science and technology” and “cultural excellence and resistance” and charged the president with its execution.

Ali Khamenei

Ali Khamenei

The policies were prepared in conjunction with the Expediency Council and will be used as the basis for creation of legislation for the sixth five-year development plan of the country.

The plan foresees an eight percent increase in economic growth through development of domestic potentialities and “revolutionary” management of resources.

On the international front, a concentration on developing economic and political relations with Southeast Asian countries has been indicated as the top priority.

Attracting investment by Iranians outside the country and absorbing foreign investment is cited as a priority. Plans to increase tourism five folds are another recommendation in the plan.

Other points of focus include development of rural areas, improving maritime economy from Chabahar to Khorramshahr in the southern coastal areas, and completion of the national internet and control over the flow of information in cyber space.