The impeachment proceedings against Education Minister Ali Asghar Fani ended with the minister receiving Parliament’s vote of confidence.

Ali Asghar Fani

Ali Asghar Fani

The session convened on Wednesday June 24 to question the minister on “teacher wages, the execution of development plans, education matters, teacher training schools and political appointments in the ministry”.

There were 167 votes for the minister and 76 against while 13 MPs abstained, thus reaffirming Fani’s position at the helm of the Ministry of Education.

Earlier, 15 of the 64 MPs who had originally signed a request to impeach the minister withdrew their names, saying the discussion with the minister had convinced them of his ability to address their concerns.

Teachers have been holding protests across the country to demand their wages be brought in line with those of other public employees.

Fani was appointed to the head of the ministry two years ago with a vote of confidence from Parliament. He held the same post in the government of Mohammad Khatami.