Demonstrations in the works by opponents of the nuclear negotiations in Mashhad have been declared illegal by the Khorasan Razavi governor.

We are concerned!

Massoud Mahalati told ISNA that without obtaining a permit, the organizers have put up flyers and issued invitations through social media. “It is not even clear who is organizing these demonstrations,” Mahalati said.
In recent days, a rally call with a red sign saying “We will not permit it!” has been circulating on social media. Similar fliers have been put up on walls across the city of Mashhad. The rally is supposed to take place at 5 PM local time on Thursday May 28, purportedly to protest against the “humiliation of the people of Iran by and the excesses of the 5+1”.

"We won't permit it!"

“We won’t permit it!”

The rally call states that it has taken its cue from the latest statements from Iran’s Supreme Leader, who has referred to demands by the 5+1 to inspect Iran’s military facilities as excessive.

The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Yukiya Amano, said recently that the inspection of Iran’s military facilities should be part of the agreement being drafted by Iran and the 5+1, and more recently France said that without provisions for inspecting Iran’s military facilities, there will be no agreement.

The new round of talks began on Wednesday May 27 in Vienna and the parties are aiming to have a final draft of the agreement by the end of June.