Forty Iranian MPs have called on the judiciary to arrange for them to meet with Babak Zanjani, the Iranian tycoon reportedly being held in Evin Prison on financial embezzlement charges.

Babak Zanjani

Babak Zanjani

AmirAbbas Soltani, a member of the parliamentary committee looking into the Babak Zanjani matter, told the Shargh daily that MPs are constantly being asked by their constituents about this matter and the committee needs to take some concrete action.

Soltani said the “voluminous and historic case of fraud of Zanjani is not limited to one suspect and all the people involved in it need to be charged”.

On Friday May 22, the judiciary announced that Zanjani had been indicted and would be put to trial in a revolutionary court.

Zanjani was arrested two years ago for failing to pay his debt of 8.6 trillion toumans to the Ministry of Oil.

Soltani told Shargh that the MPs have urged the judiciary to publicize the identities of the major players in this case, which he said involved “a large network”.

The oil minister announced last year that Zanjani owed his ministry $2 billion.

Prior to his arrest, Zanjani had told Asman Magazine that since 2010, he had used a network of more than 60 companies in Dubai, Turkey and Malaysia to sell millions of barrels of oil on behalf of the Iranian government and made $17.5 billion dollars from it.