Nuclear negotiations between Iran and the 5+1 move into their fifth round of talks at the level of deputy ministers on May 27 in Vienna.

Abbas Araghchi

Abbas Araghchi

IRNA reports that Abbas Araghchi and Majid Takhtravanchi were to meet on Wednesday with Helga Schmidt, the EU deputy foreign policy chief, and the talks will continue until Friday.

IRNA quoted deputy foreign minister Araghchi saying: “The main text of the agreement is approximately 20 pages with five attachments; each attachment may be up to 30 pages. We hope to achieve an agreement that will meet with the approval of the leader and the people.” He added: “The agreement will be 50 to 60 pages.”

Araghchi stressed that all sanctions will be lifted at once, including sanctions on the oil sector, financial services, SWIFT, insurance, transportation and shipping.

The parties are trying to complete the final draft of their agreement by the end of June.

There has been some debate over the actual timeline for lifting sanctions, and on May 26, the French ambassador to the U.S. expressed some doubt as to whether the agreement could be finalized by the June 30 deadline.