The U.S. Treasury has boycotted an Iraqi company and a UAE company for helping Iran to buy used airplanes.

Mahan Air

Iraq’s Al-Nasser Airlines and UAE-based Sky Bluebird have been sanctioned by the U.S. Treasury for their dealings with Iran’s Mahan Airlines.

The news comes after an Israeli official slammed the Obama administration for allowing Iran to buy passenger planes.

Ever since the 1979 hostage crisis in Iran, the U.S. had stopped selling planes and airplane parts to Iran. But after the Geneva agreement between Iran and the 5+1 was signed in November 2013, U.S. companies were allowed to resume the sale of airplane parts to Iran.

The U.S. Treasury says it is sanctioning the two companies because they dealt with Mahan Airlines, which is on the U.S. blacklist for its links to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards.

In recent weeks, Mahan Airlines reportedly bought nine Airbus planes.

The U.S. Treasury sanctions include a blacklist of numerous individuals, which means the U.S. assets of the offending individuals and companies will be frozen and no companies or entities will be allowed to have dealings with them.