Jailed Iranian journalist Jason Rezaian has been allowed to meet with his lawyer after 10 months.

Jason Rezaian

Jason Rezaian

Rezaian, who was arrested together with his wife, Yeganeh Salehi, in July of last year, was permitted by the judiciary to meet with his lawyer. Salehi was later released.

In March of 2015, according to the Rezaian family, the court allowed Rezaian to retain a lawyer other than the one already recommended by the family. They had initially wanted to retain Masoud Shafii but finally retained Leyla Ahsan.

The meeting between Rezaian and Ahsan reportedly took place in the office of the judge in front of a translator and two interrogators from the case.

Ali Rezaian, Jason Rezaian’s brother, reports that according to the lawyer, there is no evidence in his file to indicate an offence was committed.

A spokesman for the judiciary has indicated that the charges against Rezaian are security related.

The Fars News Agency wrote in March that the charges against Rezaian are related to sale of information to the CIA.