Pakistan’s Parliament issued a statement on Friday April 10 directing the government to remain neutral in the crisis in Yemen and assist the parties in reaching a peaceful solution.

Pakistan Parliament

Pakistan Parliament

AFP reports that following a special meeting, the Pakistani Parliament found the conflict in Yemen to be the cause of further instability in the region.

Earlier, the Pakistani government had offered Saudi Arabia its assistance against Houthi advances in Yemen, saying it would join the coalition led by Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia had called on Pakistan to contribute troops, a warship and aircraft to its coalition forces.

However, Pakistan’s Parliament has announced that its country should take on the role of mediator in the conflict and not get involved in military action.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif recently visited Pakistan to discuss the situation in Yemen, calling on Pakistan to support dialogue instead of military action in the crisis.

Meanwhile, Saudi forces have been bombing Sanaa, Yemen’s capital, all Friday morning. The Saudi-led coalition has been carrying out military attacks on Yemen since March 26. Despite the attacks, Houthi and anti-President Hadi forces have continued their advances and have taken control of Ataq, an important commercial hub for Yemen.