The head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps Mohammad Ali Jafari has announced his support for Iran’s negotiating team, saying that so far it has managed to defend the rights of the Iranian people, adding: “The Iranian people and the IRGC appreciate the honest efforts and political perseverance to maintain the red lines of the regime.”

Mohammad Ali Jafari

Mohammad Ali Jafari

Jafari made the statement on Tuesday April 7 at a meeting of IRGC commanders in response to “certain doubts expressed regarding the recent nuclear statement” publicized following the eight-day marathon round of nuclear talks between Iran and the 5+1 in Lausanne that ended on April 2.

He added that, as President Rohani and Foreign Minister Zarif have indicated, the red lines are the Iranian people’s right to continue uranium enrichment and nuclear research and the lifting of all sanctions.

Jafari said: “The lack of honesty on the part of the United States and their failure to honour their commitments foreshadow a difficult path for the future of this diplomatic effort.”

The agreed framework that was announced on April 2 has found the support of several figures in the Islamic Republic establishment but it has also been highly criticized by a number of MPs and conservative media outlets.