Iranian President Hassan Rohani directly contacted the leaders of France, Britain, China and Russia on Thursday March 26 to discuss the nuclear negotiations currently underway between Iran and the 5+1.

Hassan Rohani

Hassan Rohani

Reuters reports that French President Hollande confirmed his country’s belief in Iran’s right to civilian nuclear power, calling for “a lasting, robust and verifiable Iranian nuclear program that guarantees Iran will not get an atomic weapon.”

ISNA reports that President Rohani has called for France to take an active and constructive role in the nuclear talks as it did in 2003-2005.
Rohani’s direct call to Hollande comes after reports that Israel has appealed to France to prevent a “bad” deal.

Rohani also reportedly called on British Prime Minister David Cameron, according to ISNA, and urged him to seize this opportunity to strike a deal and end the nuclear disputes.

“The negotiations are now in very special circumstances as our consensus over the peacefulness of nuclear activities and the necessity to lift all unfair sanctions can lead us to a final solution,” Rohani was quoted as saying.

Reuters reports that according to the British prime minister’s spokeswoman, the two sides agree that reaching the framework of a nuclear deal by the end of March is still possible.

The Kremlin also reported on the phone conversation between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Iranian counterpart and expressed optimism about the progress of the nuclear negotiations currently continuing in Lausanne.