The head of Iran’s Football Federation says there are no restrictions that keep foreign women from entering football stadiums in Iran. Ali Kafashian’s statement comes after FIFA chief Sepp Batter urged Iran to drop all restrictions on female spectators.


Kafashian said on Saturday March 7, 2015: “There are several standards for hosting the World Cup games and only one of them is allowing presence of female spectators; this is a very small issues compared to the many other standards at issue.”

Speaking on the sidelines of the “Women’s Football Festival”, Kafashian said if other issues are resolved, then that matter will also be resolved, adding: “We do not have any problem with female spectators from other countries being present in stadiums.”

Yesterday, Sepp Blatter expressed disappointment that despite his efforts during his last visit to Iran, the country continues to impose restrictions on the presence of women in stadiums.

Activists in Iran have for years criticized the ban on women entering sports stadiums as spectators.

The issue has been further highlighted in view of Iran’s bid to host the next Asian Football Cup games along with the UAE.