The spokesman for the Iranian judiciary stressed once more that the media is not to report on former president, Mohammad Khatami, a senior reformist figure, as he is officially under a media ban by order of the judiciary.


Gholamhossein Mohseni Ejei told reporters on Monday March 2 that a number of digital and print media that did not comply with the ban on Khatami’s media coverage had been shut down. Those who have signed commitments not to repeat the violations have been allowed to resume their activities, Mohseni Ejei added.

Last week, the Jamaran and Bahar News websites were blocked briefly. Both sites were said to have covered news of Mohammad Khatami and other reformists, according to the Fars News Agency.

Mohseni Ejei confirmed the media ban on Khatami two weeks ago and said this week: “The judicial order remains in force until it is officially rescinded, and if the media outlet violates this order, it will have to deal with the consequences.”

Mohammad Khatami is linked to the election protests of 2009 and is heavily criticized by the Islamic Republic hardliners for that reason.