Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said there has been “significant progress” in the nuclear negotiations in recent weeks and they have reached a very “critical stage”.


ISNA reports that the foreign minister once again stressed that the final agreement will have to resolve all outstanding issues, adding that the Geneva Agreement states “there will be no agreement until there is agreement on all issues”.

Zarif said on Saturday February 28 that there has been “significant progress” on the technical issues, but some differences remain regarding the other “nuclear areas” and the sanctions.

He expressed every hope that in the coming week, the differences can be resolved, especially those regarding the removal of sanctions.

There have been intense negotiations between Iranian and U.S. representatives in the past week, and in the coming week the Iranian delegation will sit down once more with the 5+1 delegation to try and forge a resolution to the ongoing nuclear talks.

The Iranian Supreme Leader has stressed that he is against any partial agreement, reiterating his distrust of the United States and maintaining that the U.S. is trying to forge a nuclear agreement without the removal of the sanctions.