Iran’s Passive Defence Organization is carrying out radiation drills in Bushehr, the site of Iran’s first and only nuclear power generator.

Bushehr Nuclear Plant

Bushehr Nuclear Plant

IRNA reported on Friday February 27 that the radiation drill began on Friday morning and will continue in three stages for two days.

Revolutionary Guards Commander Gholamreza Jazaeri said the first day was for drills inside the base and the second day would begin the practical section of the drill within the Bushehr Nuclear Plant.

The head of the Passive Defence Organization told IRNA that during the third stage, various government bodies will carry out their duties within Bushehr city limits.

Jazaeri stressed that the drill will help relieve the global community’s concerns about Iran’s ability to cope with all kinds of eventualities.

Bushehr has seen a number of earthquakes in recent years, which has resulted in concerns from gulf countries about safety measures for the Bushehr Nuclear Plant and the possible risks it could pose to the region.