Iran’s Expediency Council reports that the new election legislation is almost completed and will be implemented for 10 years on a trial basis.


Mohammadi Araghi told the Fars News Agency on Saturday February 28 that approval of the legislation is in its final stages, “with only two or three clauses still to be approved”.

Among the issues being addressed in the forthcoming legislation are: non-interference from military and security bodies in elections, guarantees about the health and transparency of the elections, the impartiality of organizers and supervisors, the possibility of filing election complaints, ensuring advertisement and media fairness, and transparency in campaign finances and in the setting of criteria for candidate eligibility.

The report added that one clause states that in order to establish the legislation, it has to be implemented for at least 10 years on a trial basis.

Iran’s previous presidential election triggered widespread protests with allegations of fraud in the process and the vote count.