A bomb exploded in front of the Islamic Republic embassy in Kabul on Thursday February 26. The explosion, which was claimed by Taliban forces, killed a Turkish embassy staff member and a passerby.


A vehicle carrying the bomb crashed into a Turkish embassy car in front of the Iranian embassy, and Kabul police report that the driver in the Turkish embassy vehicle was an embassy staff member. As well as killing one passerby, the explosion injured another.

The Taliban has issued a statement taking responsibility for the explosion and saying it is targeting foreign military caravans and NATO representatives. Turkey is a NATO member.

The attack took place as Afghanistan authorities are preparing for peace talks with the Taliban.

The Iranian embassy announced that all its personnel are safe and have not been affected by the explosion.

The last suicide attack in Kabul occurred in January, when a 16-year-old boy blew up a theatre at the French Cultural Centre, leaving one dead and several people injured.