Miners at Bafgh Mine have entered their fourth day of a strike to protest the termination of 17 of their colleagues as well as management’s failure to live up to its promise to disregard workers’ absences over the past two months of protests.kargaran-bafgh (1)

ILNA reports that one of the workers said that since Tuesday February 24, the company has refused to allow the fired workers to enter the mine.

The workers’ latest protest began last week when management fired 17 workers. The miners began their first strike in December, protesting their unpaid wages.

The workers have been also trying to organize a union as they are concerned about repercussions from the company for their labour activities.

The Kooshk Bafgh Mine is run by a private company and has 350 workers who descend 600 stairs on foot each day and return the same way at the end of their shift. They are paid 6,000 toumans per month despite the hazardous and difficult nature of their job.