A conservative Iranian MP says he has received certain reports that a significant amount of Central Bank foreign currency assets has been taken out of the country in suitcases. He also claimed that the money represents the very assets released as a result of the Geneva agreement.

Elias Naderan

Elias Naderan

In November of 2013, Iran and the 5+1 reached an interim deal in the nuclear talks which entailed easing some of the international sanctions against Iran and releasing some of its frozen assets in foreign financial institutions in exchange for some concessions involving Iran’s nuclear activities.

According to earlier reports, some of Iran’s frozen assets in foreign banks have been released and deposited into Central Bank accounts. Elias Naderan reported in Parliament on Monday February 23 that one of these suitcases was confiscated at the airport and a judicial file has been opened to investigate its source. He added that the suitcases of foreign currency have been sent outside of the country through official channels with the approval of the Central Bank.

Naderan reported that Iran is still boycotted from receiving these assets in dollars; therefore, they have been paid in dirhams, resulting in a significant loss of value in the course of the currency exchange.

He added that the UAE has also refused to keep the monies in their banks and said they have to be taken to Iran.  He concluded, therefore, that the administration has resorted to money laundering and giving the cash to individuals to take out of the country under their names.

Naderan questioned why the Rohani administration would accept to receive the money in funds other than dollars.

Naderan echoed the words of Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, saying that once more it has been proven that the United States cannot be trusted, is not committed to the provisions of the Geneva deal “and is only trying to belittle the people of Iran”.