Workers from the Varamin Sugar Refinery, which was recently shut down, gathered in front of the plant in protest once again on Saturday.

ILNA reports that management has not been clear about the workers’ situation, and they still maintain hope of returning to their jobs.

Some reports indicate that management is looking to get rid of contract workers as soon as their contracts expire; however, the company has not made any arrangements regarding their final pay.

The Varamin Sugar Refinery, one of the country’s oldest sugar refineries, was shut down due to a shortage of raw material, according to the company, and that left 400 people unemployed.

The workers have been gathering in protest in front of the factory since late January to demand their jobs back.

160 of the workers have over 20 years of seniority at work and the rest have two to 16 years.

Some of the workers could reportedly be retired under the Hard and Hazardous Jobs legislation; however, the company reportedly has not paid their insurance payments for the past two years, which would facilitate the process.