Iran’s national indoor hockey team made history on Saturday February 7, moving into the semifinals of the 2015 Indoor Hockey Championships by beating Russia 8-5.

The 2015 Indoor Hockey Championships are underway in Leipzig, Germany February 3 – 8.

This is the second time the Iranian team has taken part in the championships, and last time it obtained the 9th ranking, after having been ranked 10th among international teams before going into the games.

In the first half of the game with Russia, Iran led 4-2 and in the second half maintained its lead, finishing 8-5.

In a late game on Saturday, Iran was defeated by Austria 7-4 and now will vie for third place with Germany on Sunday.

Germany was defeated 6-5 by the Netherlands on a shoot-out. The Netherlands will meet Austria tomorrow in the game that will determine first and second place in the championships.