Eight people have been arrested in Sistan-Baluchistan for the “assassination of teachers”, says a member of Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission.

The Mehr News Agency reports that Bagher Hosseiny said the arrested individuals are members of the Sunni militant group Jeysholadl and were arrested as a group in southern Sistan Baluchistan in a team house.

Hosseiny said that among the eight are the “chief assassins of the teachers”.

“With the arrest of these individuals, the number of people arrested in connection with the recent terrorist attacks has reached 20, who will soon be handed over to the appropriate judicial offices following the necessary investigations,” Bagheri said.

In recent months, several teachers and school staff have been assassinated in various cities in the southeastern province, with the last one on Sunday January 25, when Kamal Gomshadzehi, a school principal, was shot dead on his way to work.

The arrested are also accused of involvement in the assassination of security and IRGC officials.