The trial for the shut down of Shargh daily newspaper and Setareh Sobh magazine will take place on Sunday February 1, IRNA reports.

The report indicates that the session will take place with the Press Supervisory Board as jury and Siyamak Modir acting as judge.

Shargh is charged with publishing falsehoods with an intent to disturb public minds, and Setareh Sobh is charged with insulting officials.

The report indicates that an earlier session heard the issue of three other complaints against Shargh. One complaint was filed by two Tehran City Councillors challenging a report on alleged behind the scenes events of the city Councillor elections. The  other  charge dealt with a complaint filed by a conservative MP against Shargh for allegedly publishing falsehoods. 

Shargh has been acquitted of the charges filed by the MP but found guilty of the allegations brought against it by the city Councillors.

Another charge was brought against it by the Prosecutor’s office for its report on the Shafagh detox centre and the death of a number of patients. Shargh was charged with exaggeration and publishing falsehoods and found guilty of this charge as well.

Sargh is considered a reformist daily. It has been in publication since 2003 and  its editor in chief is currently Davoud Mohammadi.

Setareh Sobh has been shut down for publishing a letter from outspoken MP Ali Motahari who has been challenging the house arrest of opposition leaders without proper judicial proceedings.