The Qasr Prison Museum has invited reporters to spend a night in Qasr Prison to mark the anniversary of the 1979 Revolution.

The Fars News Agency reports that in commemoration of the political prisoners of the former regime, Mohammadreza Saidi has organized an art symposium in Qasr Prison, and male reporters who are interested in spending at least 12 hours in the facilities as an inmate can apply to do so.

Saidi reports that they have recreated certain facilities, in one case by acquiring old sewing machines like the ones real Qasr prisoners would have used 60 years ago.

Prison management previously invited 10 writers to spend a night at the facilities under simulated prison conditions. Their reflections on the experience are now being reviewed by the Ministry of Culture and Guidance and may be published during the Revolution Anniversary celebrations.

In November, management also announced that 2,000 square metres of the Qasr Prison area will be turned into a hotel. They have preserved the architectural integrity of the building and are targeting tourists who are interested in unusual spaces.