The head of the Revolution and Holy Defence Museum of Iran has announced that classified documents from the eight-year Iran-Iraq War of the 1980s are to be declassified and made available to the public by the order of the Chief of Iranian Armed Forces General Staff in the new Iranian calendar year.

Morteza Ghorbani told IRNA that certain documents will remain classified, such as the orders of the late Iranian leader Ayatollah Khomeinie, orders of the current leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, presidential orders and decisions of the Supreme Council of Defence.

This is the first time that Iranian authorities have announced they will release documents in connection with the Iran-Iraq War.

Ghorbani expressed hope that various government bodies would collaborate to release the documents to the museum, adding that some have unfortunately refused to fully cooperate and may jeopardize the preservation of the documents.

According to a UN report, Iraq invaded Iran in September of 1981 and the war ended in July of 1988. Close to 190,000 Iranians were killed in the war.