Sewage and toxic waste from the Rasht Industrial District has been pouring untreated into the Anzali Lagoon and other rivers in Gilan for decades, as the city of Rasht still lacks an adequate sewage system.

The head of the Gilan Department of the Environment says the Zarjoub and Gohar Roud Rivers, Anzali Lagoon and the Caspian Sea have been seriously affected by the sewage waste produced in Rasht.

IRNA reports that Mohammadreza Borji said on January 26 that the Rasht Industrial District administrators have previously made several commitments to establish an adequate sewage treatment system but have failed to deliver.

The Rasht Industrial District is located 18 kilometres southwest of  Rasht and consists of 280 production units and factories.
Apart from the Rasht Industrial District, there are seven other industrial districts in the province that have installed appropriate sewage treatment facilities to handle their waste.

Industrial waste in Gilan Province can have a significant environmental impact due to the geographic location of the region and the many rivers that lead to the Anzali Lagoon and Caspian Sea.