The Ministry of the Interior has announced that parliamentary elections will take place in March of 2016, adding that its objective is to “protect the people’s rights” in the voting process.

ISNA reports that Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli said the administration will hold “completely legal, free and transparent elections”.

The minister said election administrators should not be engaged in any activities that could in any way “damage public perception” of the election or create any doubts among “political activists”.

He stressed that election administrators should not be partial to any political movement or affect the election process in any way.

Both Principalists (conservatives) and Reformists have begun their conventions to gain parliamentary seats in the coming elections.

The conservative groups have said they are trying to unite the various conservative factions to get a majority in Parliament.
Currently, the Parliament is dominated by conservative elements that mostly oppose the reformist government of Hassan Rohani.