The Iranian judiciary announced that the Khabar-on-line website has been charged with provoking public anxiety by publishing an article about corruption in the Revolutionary Guards Corps.

The Deputy Prosecutor General told the Fars News Agency on January 13 that the Cyber Crimes Supervisory Committee has acted very leniently by merely giving a warning to the website.

Khabar-on-line has defended itself, saying the item under dispute was written on a blog which is not directly monitored by the director.

The website has apologized for the publication of the disputed piece.

In it, writer Hamidreza Shah-Mohammadi, interprets President Rohani’s statements on corruption as a reference to the Revolutionary Guards. The piece proceeds to severely criticize the IRGC for its interference in economic, social, political and media affairs.

The writer also warns about the military body’s possible interference with the Assembly of Experts and parliamentary elections.