Hundreds of workers from regional power companies and Iran Tire gathered in front of the Iranian parliament to protest the use of temporary contracts.

ILNA reports that on Wednesday January 7, 500 regional power company workers from across the country protested against their temporary contracts at a gathering in front of the Parliament.

ISNA reported the number as 200 high-voltage technicians. ILNA added, however, that Iran Tire workers also joined the protest to complain about their temporary contracts.

An Iran Tire worker told ILNA that it is unfair to hire workers on a temporary basis for a job that is continuous and is not even seasonal. This means that workers do the job of a permanent worker but are denied any insurance or benefits and even their wages are lower.

Temporary contracts are one of the chief problems faced by Iranian workers. Parliament is now looking at changes in labour/employment legislation to encourage investment that could possibly erode worker power by giving companies more leeway in the employee-employer relationship.