Esmail Ahmadi Moghaddam

The head of Iran's security forces said on Thursday January 8 that extremist forces of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria had advanced as close as 40 kilometres from the Iranian border near Qasr-e Shirin in the Iranian province of Kermanshah, however their advance was repelled.

Esmail Ahmadi Moghaddam said developments in Iraq have pushed ISIS forces away from Iranian borders.

"A while ago, terrorist groups were close to Qasr-e Shirin and had advanced to about 40 kilometres from our borders, but Iraqi people and their armed forces cleansed these areas, and now they are not close to our borders at any point," Ahmadi Moghaddam said.

Reports indicate that in June, ISIS forces have taken the cities of Jalula and Al-Saadia about 41 kilometres from Iranian borders.

In November, the Irari army with the support of Shia and Kurdish paramilitary forces took back these cities.