Iran’s Foreign Minister defended his ministry’s achievements on Tuesday January 6, telling Parliament that the nuclear negotiations have halted the growth of international sanctions.

Mohammad Javad Zarif was supposed to answer seven questions prepared by a group of 100 MPs to critique the nuclear negotiations and the actions of Iran’s negotiating team.

The MPs maintain that “The Iranian people’s nuclear rights have been neglected in the Geneva agreement” and “the approach of the Iranian negotiators” is questionable.

Zarif responded that his team has managed to show an “approachable, firm and powerful” image of Iran and stop the intensification of sanctions. “Today, Iran is by all accounts not a regional problem but a source of stability and security in the region,” Zarif said.

“Today our negotiating parties have realized that in order to reach a deal with the Iranian people, all unjust sanctions need to be removed because sanctions can only bear hatred,” Zarif added.

Iranian media report that Parliament approved of the foreign minister’s response.