Ali Shamkhani

The head of Iran’s National Security Supreme Council says the country is not interested in re-establishing diplomatic relations with the United States.

Ali Shamkhani said in an interview with the Financial Times on December 22 that the talks with the U.S. are focused solely on nuclear issues and there is no desire on Iran’s part to establish further relations with the U.S.

In the past year, in the course of nuclear negotiations between Iran and the 5+1, the Iranian delegation has met directly with American counterparts on several occasions.

Shamkhani was quoted as saying that the success of the nuclear negotiations will depend on whether the U.S. is acting in good faith, adding that even if there is a nuclear agreement, Iran and the U.S. cannot cooperate in the region.

Iran’s national security chief told FT that the West has to alter its presumptions about Iran and must know that Iran will not bend to the pressure of sanctions so it should stop making “illegitimate demands.”

The nuclear talks have been extended to July 1, at which time the parties are supposed to reach a final deal to resolve their nuclear disputes and remove international sanctions against Iran.