Iran’s Cultural Heritage Department says the burial of unknown soldiers at the Amir Chakhmagh historical site in Yazd is illegal and it is calling on all government bodies to cooperate and refrain from creating tensions.

IRNA reports that the Cultural Heritage Department issued a statement on Monday December 22, announcing that it has made every effort to resolve the matter through the offices responsible, but there has been little cooperation and no regard for the country’s cultural heritage or the legal provisions protecting it.

Iran’s foundation for the Protection of Holy Defence Values began burying two unknown soldiers from the Iran-Iraq War inside the historical site of Amir Chakhmagh, despite talks with Yazd city council.

Yazd provincial officials announced that there had been an agreement to bury the unknown soldiers on the eastern side of the site, but despite that agreement, the head of the foundation made an unannounced decision to go ahead with the burial at another location inside the site, claiming the eastern side is in a blind spot and not appropriate.

Although 20 years have passed since the end of the Iran-Iraq War, each year the remains of unknown soldiers are delivered to Iran and buried in various cities.

The five-century-old Amir Chakhmagh building was registered as a heritage building more than 60 years ago.